Project Structure

Folders and Files

  • /Docker:
  • /src:
    • /app:
    • /ions:
  • .babelrc:
  • .editorconfig: config used by editors to enforce style consistency such as spacing, character set, indenting, etc
  • .eslintignore: files that are ignore by the linter (static code analysis)
  • .eslint: configuration for the linter (static code analysis)
  • .flowconfig: configuration for the flow type system
  • .gitattributes: sets attributes for the git source control
  • .gitignore: defines files to ignore in git source control
  • .npmrc: configuration for npm to point to a custom npm repository
  • .watchmanconfig: configuration for watchman which watches for file changes and reloads the thunderball server
  • circle.yml: configuration for CircleCI continious integration system
  • favicon.ico: favicon to use in the browser web application
  • gulpfile.babel.js:
  • index.js: the entry point for the application in production mode. This is what starts the thunderball server in the project
  • package.json:
  • yo.json:

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